Lackluster Results from “School of One” Pilot

EdSurge gives a balanced assessment of School of One’s pilot’s disappointing results — and gives the take-away for future efforts. For more on School of One, click here. — Kelly Searsmith

Lackluster Results from School of One Pilot Scrutinized

by EdSurge / 12 September 2012

The New York Daily News featured a harsh critique at School of One (SO1), the blended learning math model hailed by former NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. The piece charges that two out of three pilot schools have dropped the program due to less-than stellar results from a study by the Research Alliance for New York Schools [link removed]. Expectations were high for the program, given all the publicity and the amount of dollars spent on it (an estimated $9 million over three years of privately raised funds, according to the Daily News). And so the Daily News gave Klein an “F” grade.

The study itself is more cautious. Its authors note that “with only one year of program operation and no consistent pattern of results in other grades, one should be extremely cautious about drawing inferences about the potential sources of this variation.” Rick Hess details this point in his EdWeek blog–that the data is too scant to “tell us anything definitive about the potential of a wholly new way to think about how schools go about their work.”

Hess also questions the whether these early results were directly responsible for the schools’ choice to drop the program, as the Daily News suggested. “I can just see the Daily News in 1902, stamping a big ‘F’ over a picture of Orville and Wilbur Wright and the headline, ‘Latest ‘Airplane’ Attempt Fails, Proves Air Travel Is a Dumb Idea,’)” writes Hess.

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Image Source: School of One website