Studies Show More Students Cheat, with High Achievers No Exception

Cheating is up, and that is certainly cause for concern. What this article does not yet address is how educators can take advantage of this new culture of collaboration to leverage learning. Individual testing might, as traditionally been done, work best when done under the eyes of proctors and with students entirely unplugged. This is, however, only one way to demonstrate learning. — Kelly Searsmith

by Richard Perez-Pena / New York Times / 7 September 2012

Large-scale cheating has been uncovered over the last year at some of the nation’s most competitive schools, like Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, the Air Force Academy and, most recently, Harvard.

Studies of student behavior and attitudes show that a majority of students violate standards of academic integrity to some degree, and that high achievers are just as likely to do it as others. Moreover, there is evidence that the problem has worsened over the last few decades.

Experts say the reasons are relatively simple: Cheating has become easier and more widely tolerated, and both schools and parents have failed to give students strong, repetitive messages about what is allowed and what is prohibited.

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