New Studies Show Overwhelming Support for Ed Tech Among Teachers and Parents

It’s good to see in this poll that teachers and parents are supporting greater use of ed tech in the classroom. Although there are still questions about whether and how educational technologies improve learning, the ubiquity of tech throughout social and professional life means that students need to learn how to integrate it into their learning and its expression. — Kelly Searsmith

Technology In Schools: Poll Finds K-12 Teachers And Parents Support Greater Digital Use In The Classroom

Huff Post Education / 11 September 2012

A recent poll by the Leading Education by Advancing Digital Commission has found that the vast majority of K-12 teachers and parents support greater use of technology in education, and believe that school systems should do more to improve access.

The poll, which surveyed 883 parents and 812 public K-12 teachers, determined that 96 percent of teachers and 91 percent of parents think that applying technology to teaching and learning is important to the education of American students today. More than half of both audiences also believe that technology will play a much bigger role in educating students during the next decade.

Responses also indicated that the country is somewhat or far behind the curve when it comes to American public schools’ use of technology in education, especially when compared to other parts of the economy.

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