Singapore Wants Creativity Not Cramming

This article, although from May, underscores a trend also now found in China — the sea change in education, to educate for a thinking (problem solving, analytical, lifelong learning, innovative) 21st century workforce. Some American commentators have noted that this rising trend in Asia is ironic, given the emphasis in the United States on summative evaluation–which New Learning approaches seek to counter. It is certainly a positive development.  –Kelly Searsmith

Singapore Wants Creativity not Cramming

by Rebecca Lim / BBC News/ Singapore

Singapore’s schools have become global role models, with consistently high results in international tests.

But now they want to move beyond this – towards something that cultivates creativity and what they term as ”holistic education”.

Minister for Education, Heng Swee Keat, said this is ”less about content knowledge” but ”more about how to process information”.

He describes this challenge to innovate as being able to “discern truths from untruths, connect seemingly disparate dots, and create knowledge even as the context changes”.

This strategy aims to prepare today’s students for the demands of the next 20 years.

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