New Report Concludes: For Many Students School Is Too Easy

Are kids too stressed by the demands of school or are they under-challenged and bored? A new report by the Center for American Progress suggests the latter. What may be wanted, however, is a finer analysis of which students feel their work is too easy and which are stressed. — Kelly Searsmith

School is Too Easy, Students Report

by Greg Toppo / USA Today / 9 July 2012

Millions of kids simply don’t find school very challenging, a new analysis of federal survey data suggests. The report could spark a debate about whether new academic standards being piloted nationwide might make a difference.

The findings, out today from the Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank that champions “progressive ideas,” analyze three years of questionnaires from the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, a national test given each year.

Among the findings:

•37% of fourth-graders say their math work is “often” or “always” too easy;

•57% of eighth-graders say their history work is “often” or “always” too easy;

•39% of 12th-graders say they rarely write about what they read in class.

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